Cookie Management Policy

Last updated: May 8, 2023.

1. In general

1.1. Definitions - As a general rule, terms starting with an upper-case letter convey the meaning attributed to them in our General Terms And Conditions or otherwise in this Cookie Management Policy.

1.2. Relation with the General Terms And Conditions - This Cookie Management Policy applies in addition to the General Terms And Conditions and other documents included in the Contractual Documentation, including the Privacy Policy. In the event of any discrepancies between the General Terms And Conditions and this Cookie Management Policy, this Cookie Management Policy shall prevail.

1.3. A summary table of the Cookies used by Highr is attached to this Cookie Management Policy.

2. Purpose

2.1. The purpose of this Cookie  Management Policy is to inform Users about the nature of the Cookies (as defined below) used by Highr and certain third parties and their use.    

2.2. In case of disagreement with the present Cookie Management Policy, the User may, from his browser, block the use of Cookies. In this case, it is possible that all or part of the Site, the Platform or the Services may be inaccessible or unusable.

3. Definition

3.1. Cookies are the equivalent of a small text file, stored on the User's access terminal to the Site or Platform (computer, tablet, telephone, etc...).

3.2. Cookies are placed by Highr or by third parties on the terminals used by the User to consult the Site or the Platform in order to collect information relating to his navigation or to optimize/personalize his experience (the “Cookies”).

4. Cookies - issuers

4.1. Highr's cookies. These are the Cookies deposited by Highr.

4.2. Third party cookies. These are Cookies deposited by third parties over which Highr has no control (such as Google Analytics/Google Optimize, Hotjar, LinkedIn Insight, Hubspot, Crisp, Facebook Pixel, Matomo, Sendinblue, Contentsquare, etc.).

5. Cookies - types and usefulness

5.1. Cookies strictly necessary. Some Cookies are necessary to use our Services. These Cookies are used in particular to enable the User to access secured access of the Platform.

5.2. Analytical cookies. Certain Cookies allow Highr to understand the User's use and performance of the Platform. These Cookies allow Highr to recognize and count the number of Users of the Site or Platform and to determine how Users use the Site or Platform. This allows Highr to improve the Site, the Platform and the Services it offers.

5.3. Functional cookies. Certain Cookies are used to enable the Platform to display personalized content for the User, such as displaying the User's name and saving User preferences.

5.4. Social network cookies. Certain Cookies are used to allow the User to register on the Platform via social network plugins, or to share different content on such social platforms. These Cookies may also enable the display of personalized content on social networks.

5.5. Cookies related to payment security. Some Cookies are used to secure payments made through the Platform.

6. Cookie management

6.1. Users can set up the use of Cookies by choosing at anytime to disable the use of all or part of Highr's and/or third-party Cookies.

6.2. Cookies are set through each of the terminals used for browsing the Site or Platform and according to the terms and conditions given for these platforms in their respective documentation.

6.3. You are reminded that certain Cookies are necessary for the use of certain Services (art. 5.1) and that the deactivation of all or part of them may result in the impossibility to access or use certain Services.

6.4. The deactivation of Analytical Cookies (art. 5.2) has the consequence of preventing the User's browser from sending information to the issuers of said Cookies and does not in principle prevent the use of the Platform.

6.5. Disabling Functional Cookies (art. 5.3) may prevent access to all or part of the Services offered by Highr.

6.6. The deactivation of Social Network Cookies (art. 5.4) does not in principle prevent the use of the Site or the Platform, but only access to certain Services such as the sharing buttons on social networks (if any).

6.7. Disabling Payment Security Cookies (Section 5.5) may prevent the use of certain Highr Services.

6.8. Highr cannot be held responsible for the Use of data collected by third parties and/or for Cookies deposited by them. It is the User's responsibility to manage Cookies in accordance with each issuer. For more information regarding third party Cookies, please refer to the cookie management policy of each of these issuers.

6.9 Cookie storage can be controlled using browser settings. The browser can be configured to accept or reject cookies based on individual preferences or the cookie issuer. The management of cookies depends on each browser. For more details, consult the appropriate link below:

Adjusting settings may impact browsing experiences and access to certain services. It should be noted that this will not prevent the display of advertisements but will block ad personalization.

For more information on cookies, the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) website can be visited at the following address:

In the event of a discrepancy between French and the English version of this Cookie Management Policy, the English Version shall prevail

Appendix to the Cookie Management Policy

Summary Table of Cookies Used by Highr


Cookie Name

Retention Period



1 year



30 days



30 days



1 year



1 year



1 year



End of the session



1 year



1 year



1 year



1 year



1 year



End of the session



End of the session



End of the session



End of the session



30 minutes



End of the session



End of the session



End of the session



Less than a second



30 minutes



30 minutes



30 minutes



End of the session



End of the session



End of the session

Google Analytics


2 years



24 hours



1 minute

Facebook Pixel


90 days



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