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The Employer Branding Blueprint: A Comprehensive Guide

A Talent Acquisition Manager working to build a strong employer brand
Benjamin Esmilaire
July 31, 2023
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Hello there! 😊 Today, we're about to tackle a game-changer for companies of all sizes: Employer Branding. So fasten your seat belts, grab a cup of coffee ☕ (or tea, if that's more your style), and let's jump right in.

Understanding Employer Branding 

What is the Employer Brand and Why is it Important? 

Consider Employer Branding as your company's reputation as an employer, a reputation that resonates both inside and outside your organization. It's how potential, current, and even past employees perceive you and your corporate ethos.

Just as customers gauge the value of your products, your potential employees evaluate your company based on your employer brand. A compelling, irresistible employer brand can work wonders in attracting and retaining the crème de la crème of talent in your industry. In fact, LinkedIn reports that companies with a robust employer brand witness a remarkable 50% drop in cost-per-hire. Now that's a perk that you don't want to miss out on, right?

The Tangible and Intangible Aspects of Employer Branding 

Think of Employer Branding as the iceberg of the corporate world. What you see - the tangible elements - include items like your office environment, perks, etc. but what remains hidden beneath the surface - the intangible facets - are your company culture, values, and the emotional experiences of your employees. 

It's like the secret recipe for your Grandma's apple pie - intangible, yet essential. Both these aspects are crucial in molding a resilient, magnetic employer brand.

Key Challenges in Employer Branding for 2023 

Navigating the constantly shifting business landscape of 2023, Employer Branding has to confront several obstacles: 

  1. Adapting to hybrid work: With the dawn of remote work, it's paramount to build a culture that seamlessly integrates both physical and digital workspaces. 💻 
  2. Chasing authenticity, not illusions: Folks, let's talk authenticity! When it comes to your employer brand, honesty isn't just the best policy, it's the only policy. If your corporate image feels like a trick, your potential employees will take the hint and back away. Imagine a massive multinational corporation claiming to have the spirit of a lean-and-mean startup. Sounds fishy, right? Now, if you're a multinational, don't shy away from it. Sure, it might not be as nimble as a startup, but hey, you might offer fantastic benefits or exciting opportunities to work abroad! Remember, authenticity attracts! 🧲
  3. Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: In the kaleidoscope of modern workplaces, companies need to solidify their dedication to promoting diverse and inclusive environments. 🌈 
  4. Managing online reputation: With platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn readily available, companies need to stay on their toes to effectively manage their online reputation. It's 2023, and your digital footprint matters just as much, if not more, than your real-world one. ✨

Let's remember that according to a Stepstone study, a whopping 95% of applicants decide to do their homework on a company before applying. So, folks, the time to polish your employer brand is now - it's not just about pretty office pics or ping-pong tables anymore. It's about genuine connection, shared values, and a strong, alluring corporate identity.

Enhancing Your Company Culture

The Role of Company Culture in Employer Branding

Did you know that your company culture is like your brand's DNA? It's this unique sequence that makes your company.It's not something you can artificially manufacture overnight. It's crafted slowly, painstakingly, over time, sculpted by the actions, behaviors, and values of everyone on your team.

Honestly, there's so much to talk about company culture and its influence on your employer brand, we could dedicate an entire article to it! But for now, let's just remember, it's the sturdy spine supporting the body of your employer brand. 💪

Assessing Your Employer Brand's Current State

Okay, so you've got the culture part down, but how do you know what's working and what's not? Enter the inventory assessment. 🗂️

First things first, you need to realize your employer brand isn't just about your career site or social media posts. It's your job ads, candidate reviews on platforms like Glassdoor, your recruitment messages, and even the entire recruitment process!

So, how do you assess all these elements? By asking two simple questions:

  1. Do we have this? 
  2. Are we proud of this?

If you answered 'yes' to both questions, give yourself a pat on the back! 👏 You're on the right track.

People applauding a good example of employer brand
If not, well, roll up your sleeves!

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Employee testimonials: Do you encourage and share employee testimonials? If yes, are they genuine, engaging, and reflective of our culture?
  • Career page: Is your career page up-to-date and does it effectively communicate your employer brand?
  • Onboarding Experience: Do you java a well-structured onboarding process ? Is it something you’re proud of?
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Do you have it in place? Are you happy with the results?
  • LinkedIn posts: Are you active on LinkedIn? Are the posts achieving the desired impact?

This checklist mentality needs to extend to every single aspect of your employer brand, whether it's absorbed passively, like candidate reviews, news,... or actively, like your social media presence, recruitment events,...

Targeting the Right Candidates and Offering Value

Identifying Your Ideal Candidate Profile

So, just who is it that you're trying to reel in with your magnetic employer brand? Pinpointing your dream candidate is the first step in crafting a brand message that sings their song. And we're not just talking about their job skills or years of experience. Dig deeper. Consider their career goals, the values they hold dear, and what they're really hunting for in an employer. Is it work-life balance? A diverse work environment? Opportunities for learning and development?

And remember, the more defined your Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP), the better your chances of catching the right fish. 🎣

Crafting Your Uniquely Enticing Candidate Value Proposition 

Think of your Candidate Value Proposition (CVP) as a one-of-a-kind present, a special parcel that's not just about the flashy gift wrap, but the treasure inside. And for potential team members, that treasure isn't merely their pay package. 

Your CVP? It's your organization's heartfelt pledge to its employees. It's the bountiful buffet of opportunities for growth, the nurturing work environment, the fulfilling work, and that magical sense of purpose that employees get by being a part of your squad.

And you know what makes it even more fascinating? The fact that it's your unique combo, a mix that no other company can offer. Just like every company has a unique DNA, every CVP is one-of-a-kind. It's the collection of characteristics that set you apart from the company next door, even if you're in the same business. 

For instance:

  • The company's mission, like the commitment to environmental sustainability at @Patagonia 🌍 
  • The company values, like the dedication to creativity and imagination championed by @Disney 👀
  • The flexibility, like the "Work From Anywhere" policy adopted by @Spotify 🏡 
  • The benefits you offer, like the comprehensive wellness programs @Nike promotes 🏋️
  • The Salary, like the prestigious compensation packages offered by financial leaders like @Goldman Sachs 💸 
  • The product branding, like the sleek design and user-centric philosophy at @Apple 📱
  • The impressive or ideally located offices, like the sustainable and inspiring campus of @Google 🏙️
  • The brand legacy, like the prestige and luxury associated with @LVMH 🏛️ 
  • The leadership team, like the opportunity to work under influential tech innovator @Xavier Niel 💼 
  • The funding and growth, like the impressive advancements and funds raised by @OpenAI 🚀 

However, let's face it, in this day and age, merely listing these factors on a career site won't cut it. 🙅‍♂️ Think of your career site as a showcase window — it might be enticing, but the modern-day candidates, they're more than just window-shoppers

Candidates asking for backstage pass to validate Employer Branding assets
Candidates want the grand tour, the backstage pass 🎟️

This savvy bunch craves to see, feel, and connect with your organization's real story. They want proof that the backstage matches the showcase. And that's where your unique selling point lies. 

By giving a sneak peek into your everyday work life, company culture, rituals, and how your team rallies in a crisis, you validate your CVP and show your true colors. And in return? You attract candidates that align with your values, building a team genuinely invested in your mission. Now, that's a standing ovation-worthy approach to recruitment, isn't it? 

Boosting Your Employer Brand: 5 Effective Strategies 

Bear in mind, gleaning insights from your employees isn't just practical; it’s priceless! This feedback is not just a key to unlocking gaps in your employer branding strategy, but it also helps you instill a sense of belonging within your team. More than that, it unequivocally tells your folks: “Hey, we value your opinion!” 🗣️

Creating a Tailored Content Strategy 

Words have power! 💥 Your content is like a personal tour guide for your brand, leading your audience on an enticing journey. So, the narrative, style, and tone should be like a mirror that reflects your corporate culture and values. Craft content that speaks to your audience - be it blog posts, engaging social media updates, videos, or even podcasts.

Our pro tip: Experiment with different types of content and communication styles to see what resonates most with your target audience.

Leveraging Employee Testimonials and Videos 

Who better to share the real deal about your company than your employees? Their authentic testimonials and videos give potential candidates an unfiltered glimpse into the day-to-day life at your company.🎥  It's like inviting people over for a friendly house tour - they get to see the real, lived-in, cozy parts, not just the glossy exterior.

Our pro tip: Encourage your employees to share their genuine experiences, ensuring your testimonials represent a diverse range of voices within the company.

Monitoring Your Brand's Health with Candidate and Employee NPS 

Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) is like the heartbeat of your company - it tells you how likely your employees or candidates are to recommend your company to others. 💞️ It's like checking your brand's vital signs regularly! Now, this isn't just a fancy number; it's a powerful indicator of your brand's health and appeal.

Our pro tip: Regularly review and act on the feedback you receive from your NPS surveys to improve your employer brand's health.

Managing Your Online Reputation 

The internet is a treasure trove of information for job seekers. As a brand, monitoring and responding to online reviews and comments is crucial for managing your reputation and influencing your employer brand.

Our pro tip: Monitor your brand's online reputation actively and respond to feedback promptly - both positive and negative feedback is valuable.

Monitoring online reputaion to improve Employer Brand's reputation
Small hint: don't take everything personally

Improving Candidate Experience to Enhance Your Employer Brand 

A great candidate experience is the secret sauce for a stellar employer brand. By ensuring every candidate, irrespective of whether they're selected or not, has a positive interaction with your brand, you're building brand ambassadors for the future

Our pro tip: Foster a positive candidate experience by offering constructive feedback and clear communication throughout the recruitment process.

Embracing the Growth Mindset in Your Employer Branding Journey 

Growth mindset is about trying, falling, learning, and trying again, all while keeping track of your progress. You're bound to stumble and maybe even make a fool of yourself. But remember, it's all part of the journey, and every fall is a new learning opportunity. 🎢

Measuring Your Employer Branding Success 

Measure, measure, and measure some more! Here are a few key metrics to monitor:

  1. Quality of Applications: Focus on the ratio of relevant applications to the total. It's quality over quantity, folks! 
  2. Source of Applications: Use tracking links on your posts and communication outlets to trace the source of applications. Stay on the digital trail! 
  3. Social Media Mentions: A well-loved brand is widely shared. Monitor those mentions! 
  4. Unsolicited Applications: More buzz equals more curiosity, leading to unsolicited applications. Embrace the limelight! 
  5. Net Promoter Score (NPS): If your brand is popping up in NPS feedback, you're nailing it!
Measure KPIs to improve Employer Brand
Don't worry! No need to be a mathematician

Are You Ready to Shine and Amplify Your Employer Brand?

So, my friend, are you ready to take the leap and make your employer brand shine? 😎 Because trust me, there's no time like the present to start.

So let's do this! Let's create an employer brand that makes people say, "Wow, I really want to be part of that!"

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